Luxury = lazy lifestyle?

Luxury = lazy lifestyle?

July 15, 2015 0 By Marsha

After moving into my new apartment last week, it feels like I’m finally settling in! After weeks of hotels, adjusting to a new job and climate, and arranging a loan, apartment, painter, DEWA, bank account, medical, phone, internet/TV and finding a hairdresser who understands blonde hair, Dubai Marina is starting to feel like home. Comparing my old life to my new one is simply like comparing Dutch Calve pindakaas to other peanut butter brands: completely different. The biggest difference is the 5-star Dubai lifestyle, which can make a person quite lazy. Here’s why:

  • Instead of riding my bike/metro/walking to work, I have a 10 minute taxi ride every day. The only setback in the morning commute; they still think I’m a tourist so I’ve listened to the “Welcome to Dubai taxi. Please fasten your seatbelt” tape a gazillion times already.
  • At lunchtime, instead of walking to the bakery (rain or shine) and waiting in line for 15 minutes for my broodje Bal, we mostly order lunch and it’s brought straight to your desk.
  • The “office boys” help you with anything you need, from cleaning your desk to bringing you coffee.
  • Gotta love IKEA’s assembly service. I ordered a bookcase, and instead of trying to put it together myself in 2 days, and a bit lopsided, 4 guys did so in 15 minutes.
  • The moving company assembled all my furniture and unpacked all my boxes (including my underwear, pink chinaware and 15 boxes of books) and pulled out a chair for me to wait patiently until they were finished (“no ma’am, we do all the work”). I helped anyway and gave them a big tip.
  • When I get home from work, instead of studying the aisles in the supermarket for half an hour deciding what to cook (and letting my food burn), I can have the best food (sushi! burgers! pizza! Lebanese food!) delivered right to my doorstep. Not to mention the multitude of great restaurants to choose from.
  • When I do go to the supermarket, they pack my groceries, I take my shopping cart to the taxi and am dropped off in front of my apartment. Instead of hanging 2 bags on my bike’s steering wheel and arriving home with torn bags and half my groceries.
  • My apartment is twice as big as the one in Amsterdam. When I look out my window I see Atlantis/the palm, camels walking along the sea, parachutes from the Skydive center, and the marina and its boats passing by. I now have a dishwasher, 1.5 bathrooms and I can actually walk around my bed. I think I am in love… with my apartment!
  • My apartment has the best facilities ever: an infinity pool overlooking the marina, gym (with personal trainers), spa, library and even squash lanes. There is also a bakery next to the building called “Hello Sugar.” My old apartment building had… none of the above, and weird neighbors who I still suspect of growing weed in the attic.

Yes, I can get used to this luxury living, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my old life, Amsterdam’s ‘gezelligheid’, family, friends. Not to speak of the fact that I am fully aware of the gap between the extremely poor and ridiculously rich.

That put aside, I am really excited about my new life, new job, meeting new people from different cultures, and making new friends. And, I am really looking forward to family, friends, and ex-colleagues visiting me after the summer, after the 50 degree heat passes. Did I mention my apartment has an infinity pool?