Dubai dating 101

Dubai dating 101

February 14, 2016 0 By Marsha

Dating in Dubai started out as a fun hobby but has turned into a cringe-worthy tragicomedy. Not necessarily because I’ve had so many dates, but my experiences so far combined with the stories of my new friends can make anyone want to stay single for life, or at least while in Dubai. Read and weep, or laugh (if you’re not single).


Dubai is filled with posers, guys who think they are God’s gift to women. They believe their looks and money will make any woman swoon. They think personality or substance is irrelevant: if you are impressed by their muscles and their Porsche, they think it’s a done deal. For a gold digging woman, this sounds like a match made in superficial heaven.

Not for a down-to-earth, independent woman with standards and morals, who makes her own money and cares more about how many books a guy has read than about how many abs or cars he has.

Playboys (with an emphasis on the Arab ones) know exactly what to tell a new expat woman in order to get her hooked. They’ve been around the block, know which buttons to push (per nationality), know how to sweep a woman off her feet the Arab way. Will tell her that he’s sick and tired of the fake bimbos in Dubai and wants a real, decent woman who’s “beautiful inside and out.”

Failing to mention that he’s also seeing a Playboy model on the side, a Russian yoga instructor, an American gym teacher, and has three wives back in Egypt. And… that his favorite hangout is Barnasti.

The Family Guy
The family guy seems really nice and decent at first glance. He has a good job, drives a Mercedes Roadster SLK, knows how to have stimulating conversation; a real gentleman. Has a large family whom he adores and is adored by.

Trying to ignore the fact that he is a 37 year old grown man who still lives at home with his traditional Saudi parents, because “he doesn’t want to do his own laundry or cook” and that his last girlfriend was exit because “his entire family hated her.”

Transient Guy
Similar to a player, he is only in Dubai for a limited time to make money, is not serious, and makes it his hobby to get freaky with as many women as possible. Preferably stewardesses or anyone Russian.

The Decent Guy / Sapiosexual
A rare phenomenon in Dubai. A really nice, decent, fun, career oriented gentleman looking to date seriously, who you kept at a distance for months, but texted on a regular basis with, because you were wasting your time with a player. When you decide you finally want to date him, he tells you:

“Sure let’s meet up. I’ll introduce you to my girlfriend. We just started dating. Finally a normal girl.”

Only to discover the decent guy is just as rare as a unicorn… You run into each other a month later at a party. He admits he’s kind of in love with you since day one. Only to get a text the next day stating he still has the girlfriend (a stewardess, so much for being sapiosexual), and blamed it on the alcohol…

Disclaimer: any similarity to real people is not a coincidence. These are true stories, luckily, not all of them mine.